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KOCOVERK ACC unit provide maximum passenger comfort in all types of piston and jet aircrafts.
Kocoverk air conditioning units can meet the requirements of all aircraft operators regardless of fleet size or local ambient conditions.

Electrical power is more convenient and economical. The operating costs for the ACC are far lower than for any mobile ground support equipment with Diesel generator or APU (Auxiliary Power Unit).
The ACC is clean with no emission as electricity is the power source for the aircraft cooler.
The KOCOVERK ACC is also quiet with blower and fans fully enclosed to reduce operating noise significantly. This is ideal for inside hanger use during maintenance, It is also extremely harmless to personell working at the gates.
The units employ an air-to-air type refrigeration system and there are no dangers of combustion.

The dual refrigeration system permits either all or part of the cooling capacity to be used. That means a minimum cost of operation and maintenance.
Operating the ACC unit on municipal electricity costs a fraction of working a Diesel powered unit.
Carrier compressors offer efficient, economical and dependable operation.

The KOCOVERK ACC is an all electric air conditioning unit. Condensor fans, compressors and evaporator blower are powered by electrical motors. There is no mechanical linkage, gearboxes or clutches to maintain. Fewer parts drastically reduce maintenance.
All fuses, electric motors, compressors and control circuits are easily accessible within the removable sidepanels.
The ACC cuts costs in maintenance of the Auxiliary Power Unit "APU".

One of the essential needs of the airline market is the requirement for ease of operations error resulting in expensive repairs.
KOCOVERK ACC may be run by an unskilled operator. A simple two step procedure and the unit is in full operating. From then on everything is automatic until shut down.
The ACC is quick to move from one aircraft to another. When the switch is turned to off, the air supply blower instantly stops. After disconnecting the airhose the KOCOVERK ACC is ready to move to the next aircraft.

KOCOVERK Air conditioning units are specially designed to be harmless to indoor work. The ACC EL (electric) version has no Diesel generator or Diesel engine with harmful noise levels, pollution, oil leaks, etc. This makes it ideal for hangar use.
The condensor fans discharge air and noise vertically away from ground personell. The air intake is specially sound insulated and equipped with sound dampers.
All this together makes the ACC EL ideal for hangar use during maintenance inside the aircraft.

The ACC has adequate built-in safety devices, guards and hard covers to protect personell from all potential safety hazards and to protect the ACC itself from damages of components or improper operating procedures. Service panels permit convenient access by authorized personell to all parts of the unit requiring inspection, cleaning, adjustment, repair or replacement.

KOCOVERK ACC can be supplied with options like: Diesel generator of an choice when municipal power is not available, electrical heating system, "y" adaptor kit for wide body aircraft, special color schema, stationary skid mounted units, etc.

Design features
• Dual circuited evaporator provides greater temperature control
• Evaporator air intake is sound dampered to quiet unit operation
• Dual condensor system with low air velocity add to quiter operation
• Twin Copeland Scroll compressors offer economical and dependable operation
• Accessible service panel houses service gauges and component controls
• Very simple control panel contributes to easy to easy operation of the ACC
• Appropriate indication and warning lamps and reflectors all around is supplied
• ACC can be mounted on skid, trailer or properly rated locally chassis
• According to cooling demand 100%, 66% or 33% capacity can be obtained
• The desired air pressure is selected using a control on the instrument panel

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