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ACC All Electric Preconditioned Air Unit

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The system avoids the need for aircrafts on the ground to use their APU’s, or big Diesel engine powered mobile A/C vans which both are noisy, polluting and consume lot of fuel. The B-747 consumes 750! liter fuel per hour and the B-757 consumes 350 Liter per hour! Kocoverk ACC system will reduce these figures to almost ZERO at the airport. It’s all electrical! The impact on the environment will be drastically changed by using the all electric Kocoverk PCA system.

“PCA by Kocoverk” is extremely easy to use. With a remote PLC control mounted at ramp level the operator can choose between different operation modes. Due to it`s position underneath the boarding bridge there will be no interference with other GSE equipment and personnel on the tarmac. Operation can be done by unskilled operator due to the simple layout on the control panel.

KOCOVERK ACC units has few moving parts in comparison with Diesel engine powered A/C carts and vans. This means a minimum of maintenance. Motor and fan bearings are permanently greased for long time operation without maintenance. Typical inspection once a year is filter quality and refrigerant level. Nothing else.

KOCOVERK PCA system uses power calculations and PLC control to adjust the temperature and volume of the air distributed to the aircraft. All systems are designed for specific local ambient conditions to obtain maximal passenger comfort. Thera are no mechanical linkage, gearboxes or Diesel engines to maintain. The ACC unit also provides real Air Conditioning . Discharged air is de-humidified, cooled and filtered before entered into the aircraft for maximum passenger comfort.

KOCOVERK Point of Use units are designed to be installed under the passenger boarding bridge or at the base of the rotunda. The system is ideal for retrofitting existing airports or terminals with minimum installation cost. There are no big chillers and cold storage units whom requires large terminal indoor space and there are no need for extensive piping with refrigerant troughout the whole airport. All units are designed to fit each specific boarding bridge.

“PCA by KOCOVERK” is also designed as an option to both cool and to heat all types of aircraft all year around. This will reduce the need for separate Diesel engine driven aircraft heaters. This will further improve the environment around the aircraft and the airport and also reduces the noise level. Kocoverk PCA system type of system guarantees all year around capability to serve all types of aircraft for maximum passenger comfort.

KOCOVERK PCA unit product line combines performance by using Copeland world know Scroll compressors with environment friendly refrigerant like R 407 C and R 134 a. This in combination with double evaporators and condensors means outstanding performance, reliability, safety and economy. With one circuit out of operation the other one will still produce 50 % of the capacity. With multiple compressors power consumption will be kept at minimum level by only using necessary compressors in operation in order to achieve required cooling capacity.

• Improved working environment
• Improved apron access
• Improved passenger comfort
• Improved airport economy
• Reduced airport pollution
• Reduced noise level
• Reduced odours
• Reduced fuel consumption
• Reduced maintenance

• Electric strip heaters
• Remote monitoring
• Variable-speed blower drive
• Air delivery accessories

Technical information for C Class Aircraft
Airflow 4000 m3/h Compressors (2) Copeland Scroll
Air pressure 5000 Pa Condensors (2) Aluminium
Air supply temp. 5ºC Refrigerant R-407c
Heating Capacity 60 kW (option) Power Connection 125 Amp

Technical information for D Class Aircraft
Airflow 7500 m3/h Compressors (2) Copeland Tandem Scroll
Air pressure 7500 Pa Condensors (2) Aluminium
Air supply temp. 5ºC Refrigerant R-407c
Heating Capacity 70 kW (option) Power Connection 125 Amp

Technical information for E Class Aircraft
Airflow 10500 m3/h Compressors (4) Copeland Tandem Scroll
Air pressure 8500 Pa Condensors (4) Aluminium
Air supply temp. 5ºC Refrigerant R-134a
Heating Capacity 120 kW (option) Power Connection 250 Amp

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