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Military AirCon. System

SRMAC Air Cycle system

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Flight line Air Conditioners
SRM / KOCOVERK Flight Line Air Conditioners are complete, Air-Conditioning systems, self contained and portable, driven by electric motors or by diesel engines. These units are made to operate in a wide range of ambient temperatures and they will satisfy the ground air conditioning requirements for all types of military figther aircraft like JAS 39, F15, F16, F18, Rafale, Mirage, EF 2000, Tornado, MIG, F-4, etc.

Air cycle technology
SRM / KOCOVERK offer the very latest in air cycle technology. The basic principle of this technology is based on the fact that when air is compressed the temperature rises and when it is expanded the temperature goes down. To reach a high capacity, high pressures have to be attained. In the SRMAC system this is made possible using high-tech twin screw compressor, a world patented design by SRM. Each air cycle system consists of : gearbox, compressor(s), expander, heat exchangers, fans, drier and flow control valves. The process air is compressed to a suitable system pressure. The heat exchanger extracts the heat from the air which leaves at a temperature slightly above ambient temperature. The air passes through an absoption material to reduce moisture, after which it is expanded to delivery pressure and thereby cooled to its desired temperature. If heating is required, the heat exchanger extract less heatfrom the air to provide heating mode.

Environment friendly – No refrigerants
The air cycle technology eliminates the use of hazardeous refrigerants such as freon or ammonia. The cooling and heating medium is air and the power is electricity, Dieselengines or hydralic motors.This makes the SRMAC unit not only environment friendly to run but also excludes the risk of leakage of freon or ammonia. By using the the SRMAC for ventilating, filtering, cooling and heating aircraft parked at the flight line allows for the APU to be turned off while servicing the aircraft. Air pollution, high noise level and high maintenance cost are some of the disadvantages with the APU. SRMAC will overcome all this.

Easy maintenance
SRMAC has very few moving parts which leads to considerable less wear and maintenance compared with traditional freon refrigerant systems. The interval between routine services will therefore be considerably extended and when maintenance is required, all components are easily accessible. Maintenance of the SRMAC is fairly simple and can be performed by unskilled personnel without any special tools. Thanks to the absence of freon, it does not even require the yearly inspections by personnel commisioned by the authorities.

The SRMAC system can be delivered as a kit to any Ground Support Equipment manufacturer. The kit consists of the following components for electrical motor or Dieselengine drive : gearbox, screw compressor(s), expander, heat exchanger, fans, oil pump, water separator, electric control, valves. The system will be designed according to customer specification for maximum performance and urability. Each system will be tested before delivery

Air Start capability
Due to the high internal system pressure in the SRMAC unit, air start capability is available as an option. By bleeding off high pressure air directly after the compressors enough air is provided to start all common fighter aircraft jet engines. And that to an fraction of the cost for a traditional air start unit.

The SRMAC system will outperform any other system on the market. Due to the high internal system pressure, high air delivery pressure can be achieved without any extra devices. In high ambient humidity the SRMAC system will have higher degree of efficiency than the traditional 2-phase system. Very low temperatures can be achieved from the system in order to reduce the total air flow demand. The system is very precise in keeping adjusted air flow, air pressure and temperature.

Military approval
SRMAC was originally designed for servicing military aircraft. This means that very special demands have been made with regard to capacity, maintenance and general design. SRMAC has successfully accomphlished the serverest military test like cold chambre test, heat and humidity tests, vibration and shock tests. The unit can be truck, trailer or skid mounted. The system can also be delivered as a kit for any Ground Support manufacturer to install on their own cart.

Quality and precision
We use the latest powerful tools in computer design and calculation to spare no efforts in our unceasing quest for product perfection. Our three laboratories for multi - testing of systems employing Air, ammonia and freon respectively, are among the best equipped in the world.

Technical information
Airflow capacity 500-3000m3/h Heating mode +20ºC to +160ºC
Air pressure 5-85 kPa Operating ambient range -40ºC to + 55ºC
Air discharge temp. -5ºC to +10ºC Refrigerant Air
Air start capability 100 lbs/min at 42 psig Refigerant system Air Cycle

Electrical or Diesel powered

Air start capability

Electric version with heat exchanger and water separator (Swedish Air Force model)

SRMAC flow scheme

Core unit electric version : Electric motor, gearbox, compressor(s), expander

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