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Engine De-icer MH 200

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KOCOVERK MH 200 heater are designed to de-ice frozen engines and as heating source during out door maintenance work. These heater are Diesel engine powered with high output capacities to de-ice frozen engines and provide heat for maintenance personnel in the worst weather conditions.

Maintenance on Diesel engine and generator is simple done through big service doors. There is no clutches or belts or mechanical linkage system to maintain. Electric power to the fan and burner is furnished by a Diesel generator which requires maintenance only on the Diesel engine.

Repair costs are dramatically reduced by elimination of complicated mechanical system. The heater system has been in actual service for more than 40 years to offer you the ultimate in trouble free and economical operation. Many spare parts are easy to find locally in order to save time and money. The heat exchanger has 5 years warranty.

The MH 200 heater has a stainless steel heat exchanger with a high pressure fuel burner for Jet Fuel A or Diesel fuel. The heater has over 90 % degree of efficiency and it can deliver hot air up to 130 degree C for engine heating or 30 — 80 degree C for maintenance heating. The fuel tank is made of stainless steel and it is well protected inside the trailer.

Our MH 200 heater have built in safety devices to protect personnel from injuries. Heat shields are mounted on exhaust pipes. Parking brake is activated by the tow bar when placed in upright position. The heaters have puncture free tyres, reflexes on each side and emergency switch on the operation panel.

KOCOVERK MH 200 heater for engine de-icing have two 10 meters special heat resistant air hoses for easy access to each engine. Double thermostat keeps the discharge temperature within operation limit, fully automatic operation. Control panel has temperature gauge, fuel gauge, running time meter warning lamps and a thermostat.

Technical information for MH 200
Airflow 3400m3/h Length 2,5 m
Air pressure 100 mmwp Width 1,6 m
Delta temp. 130ºC Height 1,3 m
Diesel generator Yes Weight 750 kg

MH 200

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