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KOCOVERK DELTA-EL type of heaters is electric driven heaters with high pressure Jet Fuel or Diesel burner for heating narrow and wide body type of aircraft in coldest weather conditions.

The DELTA-EL heaters has been proven effective in coldest weather conditions. The heaters are designed to be handled by unskilled operator with very few controls to operate i.e. Fan on, Heat on and the heater runs automatically until shut down or change in mode. The heaters are mounted on three/four wheeled trailers with turn table steering for small turning diameter.

KOCOVERK DELTA-EL heaters are powered by electric motors and high pressure fuel burners. They have very few mechanical components and is therefore easy to maintain. Many spare parts are easy to find locally if needed. Electric motors is permanently greased. DELTA heaters has easy access to the heat exchanger for inspection and maintenance.

The DELTA-EL heaters permits automatically either all or part of the heating capacity to be used In order to reduce fuel consumption. The initial cost is less and operating cost is less than other competitive heaters on the market. Maintenance cost is drastically reduced by the elimination of Diesel engines, exhaust heaters,clutches etc.

DELTA I-EL and II-EL heaters have stainless steel heat exchangers with high pressure fuel burner for Jet Fuel A or Diesel fuel. The heater degree of efficiency is over 90 %. Discharge air into the aircraft is 100 % clean air. The heaters is connected to a high pressure fan designed for narrow and wide body aircraft. Both heaters will run on a 32 Amp standard electric power outlet.

Both DELTA-EL heaters has built in safety devices, guard and covers to protect personnel from all potential safety hazards. Heat shield is mounted on the exhaust pipe. Emergency switch is placed on the operation panel for easy access. Thermostats is preventing over heating of discharge air into aircraft and out of the heat exchanger. A safety parking brake is activated by the tow bar. Tires are puncture free to avoid accidents and reflexes are mounted on each side of the heaters.

The operation panel on both heaters has switches for fan and burner, temperature gauge, adjustable thermostat, fuel gauge, time hour meter and emergency switch. A visible lamp on the roof to indicates if the burner is shut off. There are also a lamp on the roof indication that the heater is electrically connected.

KOCOVERK DELTA-EL aircraft heaters is complete with air hose and adapter with self locking handles. Both heaters operates on Jet Fuel A alternative Diesel fuel. The fuel tank is made of stainless steel with a lockable filler cap. DELTA-EL heaters is made of galvanized steel, aluminium and stainless steel to prevent corrosion. In summer time the heaters can be used as ventilationunits simply by just using the fan in ventilation mode.

Technical information for DELTA I-EL
Airflow 2000 m3/h Length 1,7 m
Air pressure 350 mmwp Width 1,5 m
Heating power 80 kW Height 1,2 m
Electric power 400 V - 3 phase, 50/60 Hz Weight 480 kg

Technical information for DELTA II-EL
Airflow 4000 m3/h Length 2,3 m
Air pressure 400 mmwp Width 1,4 m
Heating power 120 kW Height 1,3 m
Electric power 400 V - 3 phase, 50 Hz Weight 650 kg

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