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Electric 42 and Electric 75

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ELECTRIC 42 and ELECTRIC 75 are electric driven aircraft heaters for heating up smaller aircraft or to be used for steady state heating during turn around or overnight heating of narrow body type of aircraft.

The ELECTRIC HEATERS may be handled by an unskilled operator as there are only 2 controls to handle. The heater is mounted on a small stable three wheeled trailer with a turning diameter of only 1,5 meter. Due to the low weight, the heater is easely moved by one operator.

KOCOVERK ELECTRIC HEATERS has only the electric motor and the fan wheel as moving parts which results in a minimum of maintenance. Both electric motor and fan bearings are permanently greased for long time operation without maintenance.

Due to few mechanical parts, repair costs are drastically reduced by elimination of mechanical transmissions etc. The ELECTRIC HEATERS is tested in actual service to offer you the ultimate in trouble free operation, dependable and economical operation.

ELECTRIC 42/75 has a stainless steel electric heater with 42/75 kW capacity (motor power included). The heater is clean with no emissions as electricity is the power source. The heater will run on a 63/125 Amp standard electric power outlet. The fan is a high performance high pressure fan with characteristic for all comuter and narrow body type aircraft.

The heater has adequate built-in safety devices, guards and covers to protect personnel from all potential safety hazards. Emergency safety switch is placed on the operation panel for quick action. Double thermostats prevent overheating of discharge air and electric heating elements. The parking brake is activated by putting the tow bar in upright position. Reflexes are mounted on each side of the heater for and the tires are puncture free for safety reasons.

KOCOVERK ELECTRIC 42/75 is small, yet very powerful all electric heaters. It is clean with no emissions as electricity is the power source. Due to it is small footprint the heater is very easy to operate around the aircraft and it is design for one man operation. The heater can be used both as a heater but also as a ventilation unit for ventilation purpose of aircraft in the summer time. Can also be used inside the hangar during maintenance work.

Technical information for Electric 42
Airflow 2000 m3/h Length 1,7 m
Air pressure 350 mmwp Width 1,1 m
Heating power 42 kW Height 1,2 m
Electric power 400 V - 3 phase, 50 Hz, 63 A Weight 390 kg

Technical information for Electric 75
Airflow 4000 m3/h Length 2,0 m
Air pressure 425 mmwp Width 1,1 m
Heating power 75 kW Height 1,2 m
Electric power 400 V - 3 phase, 50 Hz, 125 A Weight 500 kg

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