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Kocoverk Hot-Air Building Drier

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To anyone responsible for the operation and economics of building work, cold weather brings its own miseries. Machinery freezes, and stoppages are the rule rather than the exception. But there is a good solution to all these problems - the KOCOVERK Hot-Air Building Drier.

With a unit such as this in readiness, you can look forward to continued production even when the temperature falls below -10ºC. You can choose from amongst several models burning either oil or bottled gas, according to your needs. And you can use these units anywhere you need quick heating of buildings or vehicles, or when you need heating for outdoor work, for thawing out frozen ground, or for melting ice from machines, cables, pipes etc. In fact, anywhere you need quick and inexpensive supplementary heating, the KOCOVERK Building Drier is a valuable tool.

As well as ease of handling, KOCOVERK has always concentrated on reliable designs. This can be confirmed by people in the construction industries all over the world.

The burner is the best on the market and is entirely enclosed and protected, with a very low noise level. The units are fitted with a new fan rotor which considerably reduces the sound level compared with competitive products. No troublesome three-phase power supply is required. All models can be connected to 220 V single-phase supply.

The units are supplied completely ready for operation - all that is required is connection to the power supply and to an oil tank or gas cylinder and a chimney. Let us look at one or two important details, for instance the low weight and ease of handling. The units are designed for fully automatic operation, with an operating thermostat; these, together, make possible continuous operation at constant room temperature, independent of the outdoor temperature.

The KOCOVERK Building Drier has one motor only, driving both the fan and the oil pump. This makes servicing easier and increases reliability.

The KOCOVERK Building Drier has an extra-large combustion chamber made of stainless steel, to give high efficiency and long working life.

The high efficiency of the unit means that the time required to heat up buildings is short.

Technical information for VAT-90
Airflow volume, max 3400 m3/h Oil/gas consumption, max 9,5 l/h
Air pressure (water col.) 65 mm Oil/gas grade Winter Diesel
Heat output, max 90 kW Hot-air outlet, diam. 5x145 mm
Motor 1,1/3,0 kW Flue-gas outlet, diam. 145
Overall efficiency 88-90% /92% Length 1,07 m
Voltage 220/380 V Width 0,61 m
Power Supply, 50 Hz 1-phase 3-phase Height 1,35 m
Weight 175 kg


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