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Military AirCon. System

SRMAC Air Cycle system

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SRM / KOCOVERK offer the very latest in air cycle technology. The basic principle of this technology is based on the fact that when air is compressed the temperature rises and when it is expanded the temperature goes down. To reach a high capacity, high pressures have to be attained. In the SRMAC system this is made possible using high-tech twin screw compressor, a world patented design by SRM. The SRMAC system will outperform any other system on the market. Due to the high internal system pressure, high air delivery pressure can be achieved without any extra devices. » Read more



Kocoverk offer a brand new set of wireless remote-control functions to reduce costs and improve GSE work-process efficiencies. The system will allow personell to remote control start and stop of GSE equipment and at the same time see its position and status.

CHINA GSE Exhibition


Kocoverk Intl and it`s partner Harlan Global Mfg will promote their products jointly into the Chinese and Asian market at the Inter Airport , China 2010 exhibition.



Establish co-operation with Harlan Global Manufacturing in Kansas for production of heaters for the U.S. and Canadian market. The first American made Kocoverk heater will be shown at the Las Vegas GSE show on the 26th - 28th of October.

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