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Kocoverk then and now

The Company was founded 1920 as a sheet metal company located just outside of Stockholm. In 1952 the Company invented the portable oil fired heater for the construction industry, farmers, shipyards, workshops, garages and others. With capacities between 60 – 115 kW the heaters has been sold in more than 45.000 units worldwide to satisfied customers.

Due to the extensive experience with oil fired heaters Kocoverk entered the aircraft business in 1979 by making the companies first series of aircraft heaters to Scandinavian Airlines. The heaters were an immediate success and today Kocoverk is the leading company in Europe with 17 different aircraft heater models.

The success with the heaters was followed by mobile Air Conditioning units in 1982 initially for inside usage but later on also for apron use. The A/C units have been extremely durable with a lifespan of more than 20 years and used among worldwide customers.

In 1994, Kocoverk entered into military aviation with a unique environmentally friendly Air Cycle Air Conditioning system developed together with SRM company. The system, using screw compressors and screw expanders has been sold to the Swedish Air Force for the JAS Gripen aircraft, Indian Air Force for the Sukohi aircraft and to EADS for the Eurofighter 2000 to name a few.

2005 Kocoverk entered into the Russian market with sales to customers like Aeroflot and S7 Engineering

2006 Kocoverk received large orders from FedEx Corporation. One year later Delta Air Line purchased the most common heater, the Delta heater. More than 90 units has been sold into the U.S. market so far.

2009 Kocoverk started production of aircraft heaters in Kansas City in Co-operation with Harlan Global Manufacturing for the U.S. and Canadian market.



Kocoverk offer a brand new set of wireless remote-control functions to reduce costs and improve GSE work-process efficiencies. The system will allow personell to remote control start and stop of GSE equipment and at the same time see its position and status.

CHINA GSE Exhibition


Kocoverk Intl and it`s partner Harlan Global Mfg will promote their products jointly into the Chinese and Asian market at the Inter Airport , China 2010 exhibition.



Establish co-operation with Harlan Global Manufacturing in Kansas for production of heaters for the U.S. and Canadian market. The first American made Kocoverk heater will be shown at the Las Vegas GSE show on the 26th - 28th of October.

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